Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

We have one of the closed circuits cooling towers CTI certification from India as it first time. Closed circuit cooling towers serving most of the grind buildings at affordable cost and not only saves the water as well power consummation and foot prints.We are CTI certified cooling tower in south India. We are provided a terminal performance quality with 20 years. Counter flow and closed circuit cooling towers CTI certification now we have further more response to maintain the quality at bar. Mean while we have working carefully minimize the cost.

  • The evaporate cooling towers essentially combines a cooling tower and a condenser coil in single equipment. It eliminates the sensible heat transfer step of the condenser coil water which is required in the cooling tower/condenser system. This permits a condensing temperature substantially closer to design wet-bulb temperature, and consequently, minimum heat process energy input.
  • The closed circuit cooling tower was being tested at our factory with real heat load, with required water flow and was exported to Iraq after confirming the performance.
  • The fan system sucks air through the falling water and over the coil surface. A small quantity of the water is evaporated, removing heat from the primary circuit and cooling it inside the coil. Therefore, like the cooling tower, all of the heat rejection is by evaporation, thus saving about 95% of the water normally required by a “once-through” system.
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