Counter Flow Cooling Towers

Classik Cooling Towers offers a wide choice of models in space-efficient, counter flow design.

Counter flow design cooling towers usually offer a smaller footprint than cross flow towers and allow maximum thermal performance out of each plan area. Counter flow towers also help minimize your pump head requirements.

Classik Cooling Towers counter flow towers are available in various cell sizes and various combinations of components, in order to meet your specific application requirements and offer you the most effective value.

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Counter flow Towers At-a-Glance
  • Space-efficient design
  • Maximum thermal performance from given plan area
  • Can help minimize pump head requirements
  • Wide choice of models, cell sizes and components
  • Choice of Steel or fiberglass composite structure
Counter flow Advantages
  • Increase in tower height results in longer ranges and closer approach.
  • More efficient use of air due to finer droplet size from pressure sprays

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