Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling Tower

It is well known in the industry that Induced Draft, Counter-Flow Cooling Towers provide the greatest operating efficiency and easiest maintenance accessibility. Its vertical air discharge and low operating weight provide more design flexibility making it the preferred choice for most cooling tower applications. CLASSIK ICT Cooling Tower features the advantages of the induced draft counter-flow cooling tower design and the high level of quality and service only CLASSIK provides.

CLASSIK COOLING TOWERS, specializes in Design, Engineering and Fabrication of different types of cooling towers. It has its own facilities for Design & Manufacturing of Cooling Towers of various types. Backed with a strong background in Research & Design and commitment to Quality. CLASSIK, is poised to grow expand internationally as a supplier of high quality FRP /WOODEN / RCC / NATURAL DRAFT AND RADIATOR TYPE COOLING TOWERS.


  • Easy Maintenance – Reliable, Accessible Components
  • Exclusive One Year Warranty – Motor and Fan Assembly
  • Vertical Air Discharge – Minimizes Possibility of Re-circulation
  • Efficient Drift Eliminators – Solve Water Carryover Problems
    Reduce Water Usage, Lower Operating Costs
  • Superior Louver Design – Eliminates Splash out, Reduces Algae
  • Industrial Grade Motors – Totally Enclosed Motors Standard

Cooling Tower

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