Commitment To Customer Satisfaction Classik realized that the true test of Cooling towers occurs in the field, not in the factory.



Classik cooling towers has established and applies a quality management system for Design, Manufactures etc.,



Welcome to Classik Cooling Towers

CLASSIK COOLING TOWERS, start at 2000, +an ISO 9001-2008, 14001 Certified, dynamic company, leading in the field of cooling tower technologies.

We manufacture wide range of cooling towers, such as Dry Cooling Towers, FRP Cooling Towers, Wooden Cooling Towers, Cross Flow Cooling Towers, Round Cooling Towers, Square Cooling Towers, Natural Draft Cooling Towers, Fanless Filless Cooling Towers, Evaporative cooling towers, Modular cooling towers, Natural cooling towers, Heat Exchangers, Plate Type Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

All Cooling Tower Spares Parts including PVC Fills are manufactured in house.

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CLASSIK COOLING TOWERS specializes in Design, Engineering and Fabrication of different types of cooling towers. It has its own technical team for Design & Manufacturing various types of Cooling Towers. Backed with strong support in Research & Design and commitment to Quality. CLASSIK COOLING TOWERS, is poised to grow expand internationally as a supplier of high quality COUNTER FLOW / CROSS FLOW / NATURAL DRAFT & DRY TYPE COOLING TOWERS.

CLASSIK'S workforce consists of around 90 employees of whom a large proportion consists professionally qualified and engineers who are in designing, planning & procurement, quality control and production functions. To keep up with the advanced technologies in the field, the company organizes and participates in various Seminars and Industrial Trade Fairs in the India as well abroad.

Round Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

ICT (Induced Round Cooling Tower)

Square Shaped Cooling Towers

Square shape
Cooling Towers

ICT (Square Shaped Cooling Tower)

Modular Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

A modular cooling tower assembly is provided

Fanless Filles Cooling Towers

Fanless Filles
Cooling Towers

The name "FAN LESS FILL LESS"says it all

Wooden Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

This rugged war horse in our stables

Cross Flow Cooling Towers

Cross flow
Cooling Towers

The tower design incorporates a FRP distribution

Dry Flow Cooling Towers

Dry flow
Cooling Towers

The fluid coils of international standards are designed

Evaporative Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

The evaporate cooling towers essentially combines